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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Perfect Pornstar (Martini that is)

Glass:  Martini
Served: Straight up
Garnish: 50ml Champagne


37.5ml Vodka (preferably Vanilla vodka, but it’s ok if if you only have regular)
12.5ml Passoa
1tsp of Vanilla Sugar
50ml Passion fruit syrup/or juice


You can make vanilla sugar by blending the insides of a vanilla pod with a 500g bag of caster sugar.  It’s better to use caster sugar instead of granulated because it will dissolve easier whilst being shaken.

If you can’t get hold of passion fruit syrup then use juice, syrup will create a better drink but it is down to your own personal taste as juice will produce a thinner consistency.  I would also prefer to use vanilla vodka, the difference is very noticeable but again it’s all down to your own taste so why not give both a go!

Add all you ingredients to a shaker, then shake and fine strain into your martini glass.

Don’t add the champagne to the drink as it will separate and sink to the bottom and look a taste worse off.  Instead try drinking both separate and mixing them in your mouth to create an entirely different incredible taste!

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Anonymous said...

my fav cocktail x loving the blog ben x