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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Keywest Cooler (...or a Traffic Light to you YOBS!)

Ingredient List
12.5ml Vodka
12.5ml Midori
12.5ml Peach Schnapps
12.5ml Malibu
50ml Cranberry Juice
50ml Orange Juice

This is a very special drink for a few reasons.  It looks like a traffic light and because of its layering is 3 different drinks in one glass, then when it is mixed becomes another drink completely! 
It also has several exotic flavours in it which includes Coconut, Peach and Japanese Watermelon.
Preferably this is best served in a tall, thin glass to get the best effect (unlike the picture, sorry).  The glass must be FULL of ice for the drink to layer properly.
Start by putting 12.5ml Midori into the glass, this is the green.  Then shake the 12.5ml Malibu and peach schnapps together with the 50ml of Orange Juice.  Shake well and slowly pour over the ice (make sure to pour very slowly and onto the ice then the orange colour will layer on top of the Midori)
Finally shake together the 12.5ml Vodka and the 50ml Cranberry juice and layer on to the orange, if the ice is not to the top of the glass add more or it will mix and not layer.
Taste each individual layer by pulling your straw through the glass and then mix to get a completely new flavour.  ENJOY!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Ben's iBar is coming to a bar near you!

Yes!  Thats right!!

We've finally got an events deal with STORMDART EVENTS (http://events.stormdart.co.uk/?page=cocktailguy)  

So the iBar should be coming to a bar near you, hopefully starting in Hudderfield's Cotton Factory some time in the near future.

More details will be up soon, hope to see all your lovely shiny faces very soon!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jack's Divorce

Instead of two TEASPOONS of sugar (I said tablespoons I realise, I am stupid) try making sugar syrup.  Use 2 parts sugar and 1 part water, boil this mix in a pan until the sugar has dissolved, then put it in the fridge until its chilled.  This stuff is really useful for any cocktail party your planning.

And for you hardcore drinkers out there!  Try 35ml of Jack instead of 25ml.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I've been working on a cocktail called 'Grounds for Divorce'

Ok so I might of stole this idea from those Bury boys Elbow!!

But I thought... 'Did anyone come up with the 'Grounds for Divorce' cocktail?'  so if you have had one let me know and if you can think of some cool favours that should go in it then tell me and I'll be working on the Grounds for Divorce cocktail over the weekend and I'll throw up a recipe next week...   

Just in time for cocktails on the weekend!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Perfect Pornstar (Martini that is)

Glass:  Martini
Served: Straight up
Garnish: 50ml Champagne


37.5ml Vodka (preferably Vanilla vodka, but it’s ok if if you only have regular)
12.5ml Passoa
1tsp of Vanilla Sugar
50ml Passion fruit syrup/or juice


You can make vanilla sugar by blending the insides of a vanilla pod with a 500g bag of caster sugar.  It’s better to use caster sugar instead of granulated because it will dissolve easier whilst being shaken.

If you can’t get hold of passion fruit syrup then use juice, syrup will create a better drink but it is down to your own personal taste as juice will produce a thinner consistency.  I would also prefer to use vanilla vodka, the difference is very noticeable but again it’s all down to your own taste so why not give both a go!

Add all you ingredients to a shaker, then shake and fine strain into your martini glass.

Don’t add the champagne to the drink as it will separate and sink to the bottom and look a taste worse off.  Instead try drinking both separate and mixing them in your mouth to create an entirely different incredible taste!


I have attempted to pull off a small flair video, please come and have a look and tell me what you crazy kids think!

.... I'm a hint rusty!!!